Reclaim 7 Mountains


Awaiting the Messiah’s Glorious Return


Who We Are

Reclaim7Mountains is a network of believers, missionaries, and ordained church ministers championing for Christians to be ready for the unexpected return of Jesus. With the supports of believers worldwide, we champion righteous living in preparation for the rapture and help them strengthen their faith in Christ. 

Our love and eager desire for the Lord’s second appearance are tempered by realizing that his timetable is different from ours. As such, we strive to ensure more people are saved and yearn for the return of Christ with compassion for the lost.

“But the Lord will come like a thief and the heavens will pass with a roar, the heavenly bodies burnt and dissolved, while the earth and it works will be exposed”
2 Peter 3:10

“For the Lord will come down from heaven with the voice of an archangel, a cry of command, and the magnificence of God’s trumpet. The dead in Christ will rise, and then we who’s alive and left will be caught together with the others in the clouds to meet our Lord in the air and always be with him”
Thessalonians 4:16-17

“But concerning the hour and day no one knows, not even the son or the angels in heaven, but only the father knows” – Mathew 24-36


Reclaim7Mountains seeks to develop a spiritually vibrant life for believers worldwide marked by religious values that permeate every dark corner in the world ahead of the second coming of Christ.


Reclaim7Mountain aims to ready Christians for the second coming of Christ without making faith a boring part of life. We strive to impact Christians to develop leadership values and live a righteous life in Christ ahead of the end times.

Faith Statement

We believe that Christ is our Lord and personal savior whose life, death, and resurrection will be our path to enlightenment and eternal life. That’s why we use prayer, effort, and resources to create future leaders in Christ.

Get In Touch

To learn how to prepare for the second coming of Christ without sacrificing all the pleasures of life, follow our believers’ advice and ordained ministers worldwide. Call us or send an email to learn how to pray and lead a righteous life in Christ.


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