What We Do


With our main mission being to prepare people for the second coming of Christ, our first responsibility is to help the living lead a comfortable life in Christ. As such, we strive to support Christians rise beyond their personal struggles, strengthen their faith in Christ, and enjoy a happy life ahead of the Lord’s second coming.

Here’s how we prepare Christians for the second coming of Christ.

  • Teach prayers

Technically, prayers are the only way we can communicate with our savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. However, not all Christians know how to say a simple prayer. Fortunately, our global community of believers is willing to assist new converts how to commune with God, seek forgiveness, and live in God’s glorious light.

  • Observe the world with an objective eye

According to Saint Paul, being ready is a crucial part of living a righteous life in Christ in preparation for his second coming. As such, we need not watch the world with fear but with joy and happiness.

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To learn how to prepare for the second coming of Christ without sacrificing all the pleasures of life, follow our believers’ advice and ordained ministers worldwide. Call us or send an email to learn how to pray and lead a righteous life in Christ.


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