What We Believe


We believe the Bible is our Lord’s infallible and authoritative word, with Jesus Christ being the only hope for mankind through faith in his life, death, and resurrection. As such, we believe in Christ’s virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, his vicarious death, bodily resurrection, and his return to power and glory.

We believe salvation comes through the grace of faith alone, and no amount of good deeds can produce justification before God. Additionally, we believe that the manifestation of faith and grace is the definition of a holy life expressed in righteous works.

We also believe the Holy Spirit resides within all believers, and Christians are empowered through their service to Christ. For this reason, we believe that the gifts of the holy spirit are necessary and active in today’s modern world.

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To learn how to prepare for the second coming of Christ without sacrificing all the pleasures of life, follow our believers’ advice and ordained ministers worldwide. Call us or send an email to learn how to pray and lead a righteous life in Christ.


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