Health Tips While on a Spiritual Fast

Religious people opt for fasting when they feel they need to connect with their Supreme Being. It involves going for short or long hours without food.

Intermittent fasting proves to be the sure and easy way to lose weight, but it needs consistency and commitment.

In the beginning, short fasts are recommended. The long fat requires a body that is already used to eat; otherwise, you may have many challenges associated with long fast.

They include

  • Dehydration
  • Lack of focus, lack of energy
  • Fainting
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings

With the benefits of fasting, what are the health tips to go through a successful spiritual fast?

  • Start with short fasts.

Going for long hours without food, yet the body was used to it, may cause metabolism issues.

Therefore, if you aren’t vivid faster, then it’s wise to start small. Skip a meal and see how well you adapt to that.

Increase the fasting hours gradually as you also watch portion control. It works to your advantage.

  • Break the fast with a solid

Once you have managed to go for a prolonged fast, break the fast with a substantial meal to avoid running your stomach.

It helps to stimulate the body to prepare for something as input. Since the digestive systems have been used to starvation, when you break a long fast with a liquid, it will digest fast and be converted fast to cater to the lost meal.

Solid foods take time to be digested and converted to waste. That gives the body the chance to rejuvenate.

  • Exercise portion control during fast days

The moment you skip a meal, once you resume eating, it’s not time to compensate for the amount of food you lose.

In case you are doing this for weight loss, then it’s an exercise in futility. If you break your fast for supper, take your supper, reduce the portions, and have more vegetables and fruits.

Suppose you can avoid carbohydrates well and good but take note that you also need them for energy.

Portion control is reasonable to allow the body to get used to the new normal in food intake.

  • Stay hydrated

Yes, you have denied yourself food. What is the option to have the right energy? One way of preventing the side effects of a long fast is to stay hydrated.

The moment you lack water in the body, you tend to have fatigue, thirst, dry mouth, and lack of energy.

Take at least 2 liters so water in a day to compensate for anything the body may be lacking. You may not stick to the two liters due to different body needs.

Listen to your body; if it craves for more yet you have reached the limit, why not. If you feel full and have no urge to drink more, stick to what you have already consumed, there is no harm in that.

  • Focus on the reason for fast as a motivating factor

Fasting isn’t easy, especially for a fast timer. You get to relapse, and at one point, you can’t avoid the cravings.

On that note, have the reason for fasting. That alone is a motivating factor to achieving your objective. How do you feel when you betray your Supreme Being?

That is God for Christians. Allah for Muslims and Hindu gods for Hindus, Yahweh for Judaism?

Fasting to keep you focused n the overall goal and not the challenges you experience in the journey.

  • Meditate to keep your mind busy

Hunger is real during fasting. As long as your mind is blank, you tend to think of food hence the temptation to break the fast before time.

Therefore, always meditate upon positive things to keep your brain active, not to think of the underlying challenges- side effects of fast.

  • Keep our body busy, not to think of food.

If you feel you have the energy, why not keep yourself busy with something important to do? Go for a walk when you can to have a touch of nature as you deviate your mind from thinking about food. Do what you are passionate about. If you are a woodworker, complete your pending project. If you love hunting, as you go out for a nature walk, carry your trades tools, and have your arrows with your bold.

It’s time to bolt it on with the right scanner and enjoy a hunting expedition. Do this when you feel you have the energy.

It’s essential to take time away from eating and focus on something else. It gives you time to think and brainstorm on specific issues affecting your life.

Moreover, it offers you the opportunity to connect with spiritual matters that help your emotional well being.

It can only be successful when you do it right in line with health guidelines to prevent the side effects of a long fast.

The location of the fast is essential. Can you fast and stay near a restaurant? Why not choose a secluded place with minimal interference and disturbances.

That explains why we have mountains specifically designed for prayers. 

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