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Do you believe in Christ’s second coming?

According to the scriptures, the second coming of Christ is an important event for believers who crave eternal life in Christ. Reclaim7Mountains is a community of believers dedicated to helping Christians get ready for the glorious and visible second coming of Jesus.
We believe in the fulfillment of biblical prophesies and wait for Christ to come for his church before establishing his kingdom on earth in an event known as the rapture. However, nobody knows when his second return will be, as revealed by Peter and Mathew.

While we can’t anticipate the exact time when Jesus will come, the almost fulfillment of different lines of his prophecy and the world’s present condition shows that christ’s coming is nigh. As a result, we live in the joyful anticipation that when he returns, he’ll resurrect his children for an eternity of happiness in heaven.

The expectation of his return is a source of comfort for most Christian, and it motivates us to live a holy life in Christ as no man knows the hour or day when it will happen. For this reason, Reclaim7Mountains aims to ensure that christ’s return to earth isn’t a judgment day for Christians but a moment to receive a reward for our labor in Jesus.

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To learn how to prepare for the second coming of Christ without sacrificing all the pleasures of life, follow our believers’ advice and ordained ministers worldwide. Call us or send an email to learn how to pray and lead a righteous life in Christ.


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